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On this page, one can find links to our peer review process and also an evaluation of our project as a whole.

Peer Review

Peer Review:9-Oct-2014

Peer Review Final:16-Oct-2014

Project Evaluation

Our process started somewhat wild. We were to have an idea of what our project was within hours. This caused us to rush into choosing a direction. After spending a week on our first approach, we decided to change course. We learned to make these kind of choices more carefully in the future. We encountered the same issue when deciding what of mailboxes we were going to design. We have spent a lot of time working on personal mailboxes that could be placed in gardens for example. After working on it for a week we decided to go for locker systems instead and we did not use any of the research and work spent on the personal mailboxes. Furthermore we spent time and effort on a concept for the chimney of our system which we did not use. For all these cases goes that it is hard to predict which concept will be best, but it shows that carefully thinking about which approach will be chosen results in a more effective project.

Another learning point for us was realizing how many aspects are addressed when implementing such a system. During the project we came in touch with a lot of them which turned out to be more complicated than we initially thought. Before this system would be ready for commercial use a lot would still have to happen in the fields of technology, laws and public opinion.

This concludes the journey through the wiki. If you would like to continue browsing, use the quick links toolbar on the top right of the wiki page. Otherwise, we hope you enjoyed seeing our project.
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