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This is the final phase of the pick-up system, the package is now in a designated cubby and can be retrieved.

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Amazon Locker

In my search for locker systems without a card or band or anything of that matter I found that amazon already has pick up points for packages. amazon locker
In these lockers a delivery guy puts the package and writes down in which locker he put the package.
The user will get an e-mail (or text) with a code.
When arriving at the pick up point the user will enter the code and the cubby will open.
The user can get it's package. how this technology exactly works I haven't found out yet, but I'm searching.

Amazon locker.jpg

Amazon itself says:

" Amazon Lockers are self-service kiosks placed in shopping centers, retail stores, transit stations, and other access points in areas with high package density. Customers select an Amazon Locker as their shipping address, receive a pickup code when the package is delivered, and collect their package at their convenience up to three business days after delivery. Amazon Locker currently services Los Angeles, New York City, Philadelphia, Portland, San Diego, San Francisco and Seattle. Locations are also available in Delaware, New Jersey and Virginia." [1]
So the amazon lockers are located at convenience places where people most of the time can access their package.
An example of such a locker can be seen in the picture to the left. This is a locker in a store in Manhattan.

Some of the other references I found before finding the Amazon locker.

Our System

For our system, these lockers would have to be modified to accommodate the conveyor systems from the previous stage. Similar to the current Amazon locker, however, the end user will still be able to select a pick-up location and receive the code. Behind the scenes though, the software will have to be changed as to how the system knows when the package has arrived, location, etc.

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