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This is an overview page of our Brainstorm session. Below you will find links to roam around and see the developments of several of our brainstorm ideas. When done browsing the links return to this page, Brainstorm Main, to continue the journey through the wiki and follow the NEXT link at the bottom of this page.


We brainstormed a lot of components during the session and have divided them into several key groups.

  1. Package receiving - how the system (mailbox) gets package from the drone or how drone gets package into system
  2. Package delivery - internal workings of system to get package into a cubby & how the cubby is opened
  3. Personal mailbox concepts - ideas for houses / curbside mailboxes

The idea behind the first two groups is that if we can figure out a several good package receiving & package delivering concepts, then we can mix and match to optimize an ideal mail pick-up location. The last group is for personal use; possibly less populated areas such as the suburbs.

Links within all Brainstorm Concepts
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