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Before brainstorming and after reading up on additional information, we came up with some requirements we would like our eventual system to fulfill. At the end of this project we will assess our concept in how many of these requirements have been achieved.

Functional Requirements

  • Accept/Retrieve package from drone &/or delivery man
  • Have holding space for package(s)
  • Display address or apartment (somehow)
  • Be robust - withstand damage, break ins etc.
  • Report status (full, empty, malfunction)

Process Requirements

there must be a guide on how to install the system
there must be a short manual on how to use the system, that can be hung next to the system.
help must be available all days between 9.00 and 18.00

External Requirements

Drones must be capable of moving to an exact location in x, y and z direction.

Product Requirements

- The user must be able to use the system immediately without any problem by following indicated steps.

- The system must be able to receive and handle a package within a minute, so a possible other drone waiting to deliver does not have to wait too long. This waiting costs fuel and time that could be used in other deliveries.

- The system should at all times only open the locker with the package for which the right code has been presented.

- The system should be able to open more than one locker if a shipment includes more than one package.

- The system should open the right locker(s) within ten seconds after verifying the code.

- The system is allowed to be broken twice a year. It should then be repaired within 24 hours of the malfunctioning being reported.

- The user should feel their package is safe in the system.

- The user should feel safe when using the system.

- The system should be resistant to violent break-ins.

Additional Considerations &/or Constraints

5lb payload (package); dimensions - ?
sUAS (amazon drone) will have a maximum weight of less than 55 pounds;
Amazon prime air

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