Peer Review:9-Oct-2014

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Peer Review Table

Luc Tim Frederique Karen
++ + - ++ + - ++ + - ++ + -
1. Quality of Work delivered F, T K,L K,F,T,L T K,F,L K,F,T,L
2. Ability to consult in a focused and structured way K,F,T,L K,L F,T K, T F,L K, F, T,L
3. Giving and Receiving feedback K, F,T,L K, F, T,L K, F, T,L K, F, T,L
4. Exectution of team role K, T,L K, T,L K K, T,L K T,L K
5. Communication with fellow students F, T K,L K, F, T,L T,L K, F T,L K, F
6. Honoring Agreements F, T K,L F, T K,L F, T K,L F, T,L K



  • Things you make are good, but it can always be better.
  • Is focussed during meetings, has good ideas
  • Does what is asked and knows what he has to do.
  • Want to know what going on.

Improvement Points:

  • during meetings a little more active participation
  • Reading everything on the wiki (pieces of others)
  • More structure in parts put on the wiki.
  • Sometimes doing extra thing without being asked to do it.



  • Quality is good, short but powerful
  • The input during meetings is good. more input can be given.
  • very flexible with planning, good and fast communication.
  • Does what is asked, always on time
  • Always on time and prepared for meetings

Improvement Points:

  • show more of what is done on the wiki.
  • More depth like other sources etc. also to create more depth in one subject. (verder ingaan op een onderwerp)
  • More participation during a meeting because your ideas are good!
  • putting a little more time in the project



  • Enough sources on the wiki, knows the core of her own part.
  • Taking responsibility/chores like printing the wiki.
  • Is prepared for meetings, keeps the group on track during a meeting.
  • Is clear about when there are problems like when a week she can't spent a lot of time on the project.
  • Does what is told to do

Improvement Points:

  • Making the wiki understandable for outsiders
  • making the wiki more structured.
  • Reading everything the rest has done to be updated about what the rest has done.



  • Good quality of work
  • has taken the role of leader, also on the wiki.
  • has a lot of structure in how she works

Improvement Points:

  • Make sure you are not going to do to much. letting go a bit more
  • be careful with working ahead. try to do one step back sometimes to let others keep up.
  • try to give other people more speaking room (when in the role of the leader)

Overall Comments

  • giving and receiving feedback has not really been done, so this is the same for everybody.
  • There are no strict deadlines, so we can't comment if they are being kept to.
  • within the whole group there is a good communication.