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0LAUK0 - 2018/2019 - Q3 - Group 4

On this page, we provide a hierarchical overview of the project done by Group 4 in Q3 2018/2019 for 0LAUK0 (Project Robots Everywhere). We start with the formalities where we introduce the group members, provide a small introduction to the project, and talk about the project setup, et cetera. Then, we consider a `Literature Research' and a `Decision Model' section that both provide many new and exciting insights. The hierarchical structure provided below is given in chronological order.

Single page variant

Important: For the convenience of the reader and in order to adhere to the standards used by all other groups, we also have a single page that consists of the whole project. This page then depicts the complete process in chronological order. When using this page for the final evaluation, one does not have to visit any other pages. It is up to the reader to decide which page to use. The single page can be found here.


Group members

The group members of Group 4 are as follows:

Name Student ID Major
Jort de Bokx 1050214 Software Science
Sander de Bruin 1006147 Software Science
Stijn Derks 1008002 Software Science
Martin de Quincey 1007047 Software Science and Applied Mathematics
Nick van de Waterlaat 1009357 Software Science


The goal of this wiki page is to show a study and analysis of a robotic subject. This research is an assignment of the course Robots Everywhere (0LAUK0). For this project, students work in a group of five people choosing a subject in the core of robotics to work on, thereby making sure the USE aspects are leading. As is usual in a Wiki, multiple pages will be used rather than considering one extremely long page. Make sure to explore all subpages contained under this page.

Notes from meetings

Initial ideas

Project setup

Literature Research

General problem description

State of the Art

Specific problem description

Present situation

Drone analysis

Airport analysis

Solution analysis

Decision Model

Decision Model investigation

Decision Model implementation

Decision Model validation

Categorising solutions

Web Application

Wrapping up

As with most projects, we wrap up by looking ahead and thinking about the next steps that can be taken, providing a conclusion regarding the project as a whole, and discussing the process. Furthermore, we verify if all objectives have been meant and what the main takeaways for future projects are.

The Future, Conclusion, and Discussion pages consider the future, conclusion, and discussion respectively about both the Literature Research and the Decision Model.