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  1. Opening
  2. Brainstorm (1 hr)
  3. Planning Update
    1. Clear "research question"
    2. Tweak Planning
  4. AP's / Clear Deadlines for this week
  5. Time Logs
  6. Closing


  1. Opening - Our mentor has joined us for this session.
  2. Brainstorm - Turned out to be more like 2 hours of brainstorm. We have split the ideas into several groups. See Brainstorm Page. From there we are going to narrow down to 2-3 concepts per group which seem feasible to work out and/or test. Come Monday we should have a clear picture of some main concepts after everyone has posted their basic analysis.
  3. Planning Update - We realized we didn't really know how to continue further with out design project, so we are going to research some design methodologies and also have a meeting with a professor on campus.
    1. Clear "research question" - After discussing with the professor, we have concluded that we are trying to contribute to a bigger picture (ie. Drone Delivery) because of this
    2. Tweak Planning - Come Monday, after receiving info about design methodologies we can tweak our planning to see fit.
  4. AP's / Clear Deadlines for this week
    1. Frederique - Elaborations on Package Delivery Concepts & printing the wiki for meeting with mentor Monday.
    2. Luc - Elaborations on Package Receiving Concepts
    3. Tim - Researching Design Methodologies & coming in contact with the ID professor
    4. Karen - Posting Notulen online, Preparing wiki for incoming concepts & elaborations on Personal Mailbox Concepts
  5. Time Logs - Time logs have been added to the wiki so people can keep track of their time spent on a project.
  6. Closing - Next meeting is Monday - 9.30 AM - Will be discussing what concepts have come up, developing a couple of core concepts & Deciding on tasks for the next week