Week 3: Coaching Questions

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What is the most interesting thing you learned in the coaching meeting of the previous week and why?
The goal we set in the previous week was suitable, specific and elaborate enough for our USE-project. This means we can now continue working on the planning as intended.
Also, the coaches mentioned that every group member should clearly know his tasks for the upcoming week, so everybody in the project knows what to expect in the rest of the project.

How did you incorporate coaches' feedback of the previous meeting in your project?
The criticism we got about the clear distribution of everyone's personal tasks was tackled by making a clear division of tasks per week.

What new activities did you undertake during this week? What did you learn from these activities?
On top of making a specific division of tasks, we also research possible approaches for to development of our algorithm and decided on Netlogo for our modeling program as it's fairly easy to visualize the model in this software. If Netlogo turns out to be an insufficient tool for our model we can always still switch to a more elaborate program like Matlab.
Furthermore, we looked into the implementation of water and energy consumption of the robot into our model. This way we should be able to start modeling next week.

What did you do to prepare for next week's meeting?
first of all, we all completed our given tasks for this week on time. This ensures us that we can continue the project according to the planning. We also made sure everyone in the group was known with the task division for the upcoming week, and knew what was expected to be finished after this week is done.