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There are different speedgoat machines. This page will handle the ones used on campus by this group, it is therefore, incomplete.

The machines all work with Matlab.

Real-time performance machine

The real-time performance machine consists of a FPGA and a microcontroller, in order to work.

In order to create (simulink) models for them, matlab simulink real-time application package is required.


In order to work with the machine, you need to following software:

  • IO_blockset from the speedgoat website
  • Visual studio code C / C++ compiler
  • A matlab version with the simulink real-time application


The machine can be configured with a static IP, make sure your netadapter is in the same range, or your subnet allows you to visit that ip.

Ensure connection

In some cases, one can't immediately fully connect to the device.


In order to connect to the machine, you need to configure the windows firewall. For this you need to know the IP of the machine; In the example below we used IP

You can quickly add a firewall rule with the following command in command prompt:

New-NetFirewallRule -DisplayName "Speedgoat" -Direction Inbound -LocalPort 5505-5507,5510-5512,5515-5517 -Protocol UDP -Action Allow -Profile Any -RemoteAddress

If that doesn't work, follow the following guide, the accepted answer of the MathWorks Support Team is the correct one.

Testing the connection

Now we can finally test the connection to the device.

Enter the following in the matlab cli:


A window will pop up. Configure your target pc and try to connect. It can ask for updates. Do not update if you are not sure if there are other projects running on this machine, talk to the machine's maintainer / owner.

If you do not have to update, the machine will connect and show you hard disk usage et cetera.

Running your simulink model on the machine

To run a model on the machine, you need to make it a real-time application.

This is done by going to the apps tab of your model and select "Simulink real-time". Matlab will ask you to confirm, some settings will be changed, but the model is now ready to be compiled and ran on the machine.

In the tab "real-time" you can select your targetmachine in the dropdown menu, press the "disconnected" button to connect and now the green play button "Run on Target" to run the model.