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Tech United FlexDesks

For the Bachelor End Project-students we have reserved four desks for the MSL-team (Tech United MSL FlexDesks) and four desks for the @Home-team (Tech United @Home FlexDesks). As these are flexdesks you do not own a desk, just find a Flexdesk when you enter. Because of this, these desks have to be empty and clean when you are done working!

Tech United MSL FlexDesks: 35-38

Tech United @Home FlexDesks: 11-14


DannyHameeteman.jpg Picture Jari van Steen.jpg MaartenJongeneel.jpg EmptyAMIGO.jpg EmptyTURTLE.jpg
Name Danny Hameeteman Jari van Steen Maarten Jongeneel Peter van Dooren
E-mail d dot m dot j dot hameeteman (at) tue dot nl j dot j dot v dot steen (at) tue dot nl p dot v dot dooren (at) tue dot nl
Function Robotics Engineer PhD Researcher PhD Researcher PhD Researcher
Project Various I.AM. I.AM. FlexCRAFT
Desk 1 2 3 4 5
EmptyTURTLE.jpg EmptyAMIGO.jpg CLopez.jpg WHoutman.JPG RobbertvdKruk.jpg
Name Jos Elfring Manuel Muñoz Sánchez Cesar A. Lopez M. Wouter Houtman Robbert van der Kruk
E-mail m dot munoz dot sanchez (at) tue dot nl c dot a dot lopez dot martinez dot (at) tue dot nl W dot Houtman (at) tue dot nl r.j.v.d.kruk@tue
Function Part-Time Researcher PhD Researcher Postdoctoral Researcher PhD Researcher Academic Researcher
Project TNO SAFE-UP RoPod RoPod Flexcraft
Desk 6 7 8 9 10


EmptyAMIGO.jpg EmptyAMIGO.jpg EmptyAMIGO.jpg EmptyAMIGO.jpg EmptyAMIGO.jpg
Name Kevin Jebbink - ' Tushar Sharma -
E-mail - - -
Project Level Master's Thesis - ' Master's Thesis -
Project EUTAFT: Autonomous Football Table ' ' FlexCRAFT Project: Contactless stem detection for a tomato plant -
Desk 11 12 13 14 15
EmptyTURTLE.jpg EmptyTURTLE.jpg Arend Jan van Noorden.jpg EmptyTURTLE.jpg EmptyTURTLE.jpg
Name William Schattevoet Stan den Hartog Arend-Jan van Noorden - Kevin Hollands
E-mail -
Function Master's Thesis Master's Thesis Master's Thesis - Internship
Project Assisted Guitarpicking semantic MHT of a tomato plant Flexcraft, Packaging robotics, handling of viscous fluid product in a bag - FlexCRAFT: Control of packaging robots
Desk 16 17 18 19 20
EmptyTURTLE.jpg EmptyTURTLE.jpg Bart Reijnen.PNG EmptyTURTLE.jpg EmptyTURTLE.jpg
Name Not existing - Bart Reijnen - Winston Mendonca
E-mail - - -
Project Level - - Master's Thesis - Master's Thesis
Project - - FlexCRAFT Project: - FlexCRAFT Project: Whisker-Based Contact Sensing
Desk 21 22 23 24 25
Richard van de Ketterij.jpg EmptyTURTLE.jpg EmptyTURTLE.jpg MatthijsvdBurgh.jpg EmptyTURTLE.jpg
Name Richard van de Ketterij Marc Meijer Jet van den Broek Matthijs van der Burgh Jelle Bevers
E-mail m dot f dot m dot b dot v dot d dot burgh (at) student dot tue dot nl
Project Level Haptic force feedback Master's Thesis Master's Thesis Master's Thesis Master's Thesis
Project - Dynamic environment reconstruction for Cobot Control Data science in precision farming RoPod: Semantic localisation Robustness of QP robot control against constraint violations
Desk 26 27 28 29 30
EmptyTURTLE.jpg EmptyTURTLE.jpg EmptyTURTLE.jpg EmptyTURTLE.jpg EmptyTURTLE.jpg
Name Bas Herremans - Laura de Jong Aron Tiemessen Marleen Verhagen
E-mail -
Project Level Master's Thesis - Master's Thesis Master's Thesis Master's Thesis
Project Flex CRAFT - tomato harvesting robot - Hypothesis generation for MHT Safe Trajectory Generation and Tracking for Autonomous Racing Camera network localization
Desk 31 32 33 34 35
EmptyTURTLE.jpg EmptyTURTLE.jpg EmptyTURTLE.jpg
Name Bas Straatman Lars Nijland '
Project Level Master's Thesis Master's Thesis '
Project Augmented Reality for Knee Implant Placement Surgery Common Simulator Football Robots '
Desk 36 37 38

Tech United MSL BEP Projects

Name Ahmad Sahhary
Project Level -
Project -
Desk Tech United MSL FlexDesk
Supervisor Omur Arslan

Tech United @Home BEP Projects

Name -
E-mail -
Project Level -
Project -
Desk Tech United @Home FlexDesk
Supervisor -

Robotics Research Lab - Wall of Fame

In this Wall of Fame all the students that have achieved their Master's Thesis within the Robotics Research Lab will be remembered.

Roos.png WHoutman.JPG EmptyTURTLE.jpg
Name Rozemarijn Weijers Wouter Houtman Freek Ramp
Project EureyeCase: retinal structure recognition in images reconstructed from OCT A-scans EureyeCase: Viscoelastic Modeling of Porcine Eyes for Membrane Peeling Purposes
Report File:Report Rozemarijn.pdf File:Report Wouter.pdf File:Report Freek.pdf
Presentation File:Presentation Rozemarijn.pdf File:Presentation Wouter.pdf File:Presentation Freek.pdf