Mobile Robot Control 2024 Robocop

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Group members:

Name student ID
Matijs van Kempen 2060256
Luc Manders 1729225
Marc Quelle 2044749
Marijn Ruiter 1489496
Luke Alkemade 1581643
Arif Ashworth 1544632
Abhidnya Kadu 1859234

Exercise 1

Method 1 - Arif

Screenshot of final result for Method 1.

In this method the LaserData struct is used to track the measured distances from the walls to the robot. To make the robot drive forward the sendBaseReference command is used, and the robot moves in the x direction at a speed of 0.2. Once it reaches the wall in front of it and the range values drop to below 0.2, motion is halted and a message is printed to the screen before exiting the program.

Some experimentation was done to test different speeds and thresholds for the stopping range values. When the speed was higher than the stopping range value the robot would actually crash into the wall first before stopping, and if it was lower then the robot would stop slightly farther away from the wall. However, this only seemed to be the case when the stopping value was very low (e.g. 0.1), but increasing it to 0.2, for example, allowed the speed to be increased to 0.4 without any crashing.

Exercise 2

Method 1 - Arif

Method 1 on Map 1.
Method 1 on Map 2.

The previously described method was tested on the two provided maps with input speeds of (0.3, 0, +-0.3) and a stopping value of 0.2. With both maps the robot successfully came to a stop before crashing, although it struggled when driving into a corner and stopped much closer to the wall than it did in previous tests.

Practical Exercises 1