Embedded Motion Control 2013 Group 1/Meeting 20130918

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Meeting 2013-09-18 (12:30 - 13:00)

  • The previous meeting our software architecture was accepted. Because the Hackaton on monday did not go as smooth as planned, in the sense that not much progress was achieved a afterwards, it was decided to make people responsible to a part of the software.
  • Because we can't really work on Pico during the day it was decided to e-mail Yannick and ask him if we were allowed to work on Pico in the evening. In this case on Tuesday evening, when TechUnited also meets.

Todo's before next meeting on Wednesday 2013-09-18

What Who When
Hackaton_2 in selsol Everyone 2013-09-23
Hackaton_3 in Robotics lab Everyone 2013-09-24
Finish software (reasoning, motion) Paul and Frank 2013-09-24
Finish software (localisation, situation sketch) Niels and Pieter 2013-09-24
Finish software (line detection) Wouter 2013-09-24