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  1. Opening
  2. Where we stand
  3. Task Divisions this Week
  4. Closing


  1. Opening
  2. Where we stand - After having our mentor meeting just before this one some things came to light. We still needed to detail the components and make a full description of how the system works as a whole from A-Z. In regards to the project as a whole, we have learned a lot about the design process and are coming to a close with our project. There is still a USE aspect that has to be considered and will be addressed this week. Also we need to address the software needed for the system as a whole: what does it have to do. Thus far we have developed a pretty "concrete" idea on how to address drone delivery and are adding final touched to this conceptualization.
  3. Task Divisions this Week -
    1. All - We have a peer review meeting on Thursday and everyone has to turn in their peer review chart to Karen before Wednesday. Also Thursday we all are working together to create the presentation on how the system as a whole will work. Lastly, everyone needs to think about possible problems that could occur which we do not have time to consider for the duration of this project, but will have to be addressed when designing in the future.
    2. Luc - Will address the Legislature of Now and the future and how companies/ society is pushing for these laws
    3. Karen - Will post the notes for this meeting, address communication between drone & platform for multiple simultaneous deliveries, compile the peer review tables into 1
    4. Tim - Will address the "whole system", sketch the system and describe what it looks like and how it works
    5. Frederique - Will address the location placement of these pick-up points and reasoning for that placement and create a survey for "USERS" and thinks of scenarios
    6. Tasks for next week: Evaluation of the Project development & another peer review. Assess survey results. Clean up the wiki. Prepare Presentation.
  4. Closing - Meeting Thursday in MF