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  1. Opening
  2. Design Concepts
    1. Opening concepts
    2. Retrieval concepts
    3. Personal Mailboxes
    4. Selection of Concepts for Project & reasons why
  3. Design Methodologies
    1. What are some steps we can do for this project?
    2. Contact with professor?
  4. Planning
    1. List tasks for the coming week
    2. List tasks for the rest of the project
  5. Task Division
    1. This week
      • Planning Update
      • Weekly Update
      • Agenda for Thursday Meeting
      • Notulen of this Meeting
      • Individual Tasks
  6. Mentor Meeting
  7. Closing


  1. Opening - Everyone on time and ready to get started
  2. Design Concepts - We discussed the various design concepts elaborated upon this past weekend and chose those that seemed best.
    1. Opening concepts - The Slider concept is most secure and efficient, but also the most tricky - it will really have to be thought out. Also, in regards to transport, the chimney with flaps or rotating disks were chosen to further our design with.
    2. Retrieval concepts - For the package to be delivered to various cubbies we discussed the box drop & conveyor system. Ultimately we chose to further on the conveyor system because although it would be more difficult to design, it would be easier on the system to keep track of packages. Also in the Delivery Concepts we discussed how a person could retrieve their package: a locker system or personal boxes with key or code. The latter would end up taking up a lot of space if everyone had their own cubby. The locker system seemed more efficient. Things we have to consider with designing is how we idnetify a package and designate it to a location.
    3. Personal Mailboxes concepts - The personal mailboxes were browsed through and discussed, but ultimately we ended up focusing on the bigger system for apartments and such. THis decision was made because it is thought that the big system can be adjusted to accommodate personal mailboxes as well.
    • To see the exact reasons why we chose these concepts look at the Concepts Chosen Page
  3. Design Methodology - There was apparently A LOT of reading material for Design methods
    1. What are some steps we can do for this project? - Conceptualize, Prototype, Iterate. The main question remained what and how we were going to perform these feats.
    2. Contact with professor? - We were told to email Ad van Berlo a professor at the uni, unfortunately he could not meet until after our deadline for this project.
  4. Planning & Milestones
    1. List tasks for the coming week - Test & Build Plan for the Chimney, Conceptualization of the Sliding Doors (Opening) and the Package to Cubby System
    2. List tasks for the rest of the project - USE Sections (legislation), Conceptualizatoin of all components - How it works, How to build, etc.
  5. Task Division
    1. Planning Update - Karen
    2. Weekly Update - Luc
    3. Agenda for Thursday Meeting - Karen
    4. Notulen of this Meeting - Karen
    5. Individual Tasks - Test Plan - Fre, Build Plan - Luc, Package to Cubby - Tim, Sliding Doors - Karen
  6. Mentor Meeting - We were told we worked really hard this past week. Now comes the technical aspect of the project. Our mentor would like to see (by the end of this project) a full conceptualization of each component (if possible). He said: If someone looked at the idea, they would be able to build it. So that is our goal
  7. Closing - Placed meeting to Friday 26th in MF