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  1. Opening
  2. Meeting Friday
  3. Points from Mentor Meeting
  4. Task Division
  5. Closing


  1. Opening
  2. Meeting Friday - For the meeting on Friday, we plan to have our final peer review and evaluate our project. Also discuss the structure of the final presentation and who presents.
  3. Points from Mentor Meeting - Points highlighted from the mentor meeting were to put "the puntjes op de i". Our USE aspects need finishing and the How it Works powerpoint was considered good, but more possible explanation could be added to it. Also it is noted that the wiki needed to become readable and that we have a nice final concept.
  4. Task Division -
    Frederique - finish the scenarios and looks at the survey results
    Luc - Finish rules and regulations
    Tim - make animations of the how it works powerpoint parts
    Karen - make wiki readable and finish location and cost analysis
  5. Closing - Next Meeting - Friday 12:00 MF