Peer Review Final:16-Oct-2014

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See the original peer review to understand what we mean by the improvements made and how we deduced "grades".

Overall Comments

The peer review grades listed below were decided on basis of the peer review points of last week, the improvements that have been made and the overall actions of each individual. We all felt as though we fulfilled our duties as peers in a group, therefore no one received underwhelming marks. Frederique dutifully printed the newly added wiki pages and kept us on track during meetings, also she did her tasks as given to her. Luc gave input when need be and was flexible considering the fact that the chimney design was altered several times. Tim made awesome animations of the functions of the system and was flexible in meeting times and did his tasks. Karen kept the group on track for the projects whole and knew what was going on for each of the individual components. We decided to give Karen 1 point higher because she placed more time and effort into making her wiki pages well and keeping us on track with the project. Overall, we had an enjoyable team project and feel pretty accomplished considering how far we have come.

  • Luc
    Cijfer: 7
  • Tim
    Cijfer: 7
  • Frederique
    Cijfer: 7
  • Karen