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  1. Opening
  2. Peer Review
  3. Survey Assessment
  4. How it Works Powerpoint
  5. How we stand
  6. Closing


  1. Opening - Luc came in a little late, however was clarified by transportation.
  2. Peer Review - We have decided next week to hold a "peer review update" to check-up on everyone's improvement points discussed in the peer review session today.
    See Peer Review:9-Oct-2014
  3. Survey Assessment
    Frederique prepared the online survey to get a feel for what people think about the drone delivery system. First, we addressed some minor spelling errors. There was a discussion on whether or not books should be included in the items that could be delivered. Conclusion was made that books should NOT be included because there are too many variations which could lead people to imagine delivery of larger packages. We debated on whether or not more questions were needed, but could not really come up with many more so it remains the way it is. See Scenarios for a link to the survey questions.
    Also we each have the task of sending the survey link to some people to get results which we can assess next week. Our sample is most likely people we know, however, it should get us a good view on what the thoughts are about the system.
  4. How it Works Powerpoint
    Luc has taken the task upon himself to complete the "how it works" powerpoint that our mentor asked be presented on Monday. We discussed the structure the powerpoint should contain and went through the full sequence of how the system works. It has been decided that Assumptions should be listed BEFORE we show how it works, so that no questions could be mislead through our process. Also nit-picky descriptions will not be elaborated upon in the powerpoint, but instead the grand scheme of things.
  5. How we stand
    We are ready to round off the project.Tim is finishing up the "whole system page", Fre has completed the survey & is working on scenarios. Luc is handling rules and regulations & how it works powerpoint and Karen is looking for types of software and how multiple drones can queue.
  6. Closing - See you Monday