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Correct1: The answer is correct. Good job!

Correct2: This is the right answer. Nice work!

Correct_Short1: Correct!

Correct_Short2: Well done!

Incorrect1: Sorry, this is incorrect

Incorrect2: Sadly, this answer is wrong.

Incorrect1_repeatImmediately: Sorry this is incorrect. try again!

Incorrect2_repeatImmediately: Sadly, this answer is wrong. try again!

Incorrect1_repeatLater: Sorry this is incorrect. try again later!

Incorrect2_repeatLater: Sadly, this answer is wrong. try again later!

Contraction_Correct: Contraction correct!


Part1: Welcome to the tutorial of Braillearn. In this short tutorial we will inform you about how to use our device. First of all make sure that the side of the device with the written text (which you can feel) is faced towards you. Succeeded? Okay, nice.

Part2: The device consists of a number of buttons. To find out what all of them do, we will walk you through them one by one. All buttons are located on the top side of the device.

  • RST: First of all we will look at the reset button. If you press this, your current task will be re-ran. This button is the leftmost button located on the top side. Could you press the ‘reset’ button for me?
  • NXT: The following button is the ‘next’ button. With this button you tell the device that you have filled in an answer and would like to check it. This button is the rightmost button and is located on the top side. Could you press the ‘next’ button for me?
  • LVLUP: Exactly in the middle of the top side, in between the two braille cells, the level indicators are located. With these buttons one can select different tasks. With the upper indicator you go to the next task and with the lower indicator you go to the previous tasks. Could you press the ‘up-indicator’ for me?
  • LVLDOWN: Could you also press the ‘down-indicator’ for me?

Part 3.1: In the middle of the top side you can feel the two braille cells. The leftmost braille cel is controlled by the device. This way we can let you feel the letters or words. You can use the rightmost braille cel to create your own letters and words.

  • Braille: Let’s do a small test. All pins of the rightmost braille cell are up now. Could you put them down 1 by 1 for me?

Part 3.2: The left side of the device contains the on/off switch. Logically this can be used to turn on and off the device.

Part 4: The device contains different learning modes. We will walk you through them.

  • In learning mode 1 a letter is read aloud by the device and on the left braille cell you can feel the letter. Your goal is to replicate this letter with the right braille cell.
  • In learning mode 2 the letter is only read aloud, so you can’t feel anything on the left braille cell. Your goal again is to replicate the letter on the right braille cell.
  • In learning mode 3 your task is not to create a letter, but a complete word. You do this by creating the word letter for letter. Every letter can be read aloud and is shown on the left braille cell. After finishing a letter you press the ‘next’ button and can start on the next letter of the word.
  • In the final learning mode, learning mode 4 a word is also read aloud. But the difference is however that you can’t feel or hear the individual letters. So extra difficult!

These were all the learning modes.

Part 5: We’ve reached the end of the tutorial. Thank you for your attention. If you want to re-listen the tutorial, then press the ‘reset’ button. If, in the future, you want to skip parts of the tutorial, then press the ‘next’ button while the tutorial is busy. For now you can press the ‘next’ button to start learning with your first task.

Learning Modes

Learning Mode 1: Letter in / Letter out

Learning Mode 2: Voice in / Letter out

Learning Mode 3: Word in / Word out

Learning Mode 4: Voice in / Word out



(Seperate) 1,...,40


Please write the letter...

Please write the word...

The letter is...

The first letter is...

The next letter is...

The final letter is...

The word is complete (=> Follow by Correct_Short)

Task completed (=> Follow by Correct_Short)

On the left Braille cell you can now feel the letter


(Seperate) a, b, c..., x, y, z


Strong contractions

and, for, of, the, with

Word signs

but, can, do, every, from, go, have, just, knowledge, like, more, not, people, quite, rather, so, that, us, very, will, it, you, as, child, shall, this, which, still, be, enough, were, his, in, was

Nomral words

attract, regular, obtain, salt, zinc, way, rigid, fry, skip, decide, bury, bury, exclusive, whirl, live, icy, absurd, obey, spark, fancy, smell, mature, aboriginal, flaky, wall, support, guard, nap, purple, snail, judge, clam, high, low, crack, laugh, physical, chilly, fail, symptoms, hose, same, rod, wind, alike, part, coat, spectacle, cat, hot, messy, toe, heart