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Drones are becoming more and more accepted in our society. The market for consumer drones has never been bigger, so is the interested of the big companies in these technologies. An sector which shows great interest is the online retail sector. These companies could use drones to delivery there packages to the costumer in minutes instead of days. These drones will fly, most of the time, autonomously. Many of the problems with these kind of deliveries have been solved. The results are that drones can now reach a certain GPS-coordinated without major problems. The only problem that is still there is the problem of the so called 'last meters'. The moment where the drone needs to land and is going to interacted with the untrained costumer. There are two problems which need to be solved first before the package can be handed over to the costumer: the drone needs to find a safe landing spot and what is the best way to approach the costumer.

The first problem, landing the drone safely, is the last problem with regards to autonomous flying. Nowadays companies, Amazon for example, are relying on the costumer to chose a safe landing spot. But to make drone delivery as easy for the costumer as possible, the drone needs to do this all on its own.

The second problem is concerned with the experience of the costumer during the last phase of the delivery. If the costumer feels threatened by the drone during landing and take off, the chance will be lowered for choosing drone delivery the next time the costumer orders something. So if approaching the costumer and the landing distance can be determined where the costumer still feels safe the market for drone delivery will really take off.

Group Members

Student Student number
Stevie van der Loo 0813076 Logbook
Elbert van de Put 0897289 Logbook
Jeroen Setz 0843356 Logbook
Martijn Tibboel 0909136 Logbook
Mert Zararsiz 0865084 Logbook

Project Progress

Week 1: The idea

Week 2: Specifying the idea

Week 3: Redefining focus and deliverables and starting research

Week 4: Experiments and mapping

Week 5: Experiments and autonomous landing

Week 6: Mapping and more experiments

Week 7: Mapping and report

Week 8: Finishing

Project Planning

Week 2

  • Laws for drones → Martijn
  • Planning → Jeroen
  • Presentation on Monday → Martijn, Elbert, Jeroen
  • Explaining focus and new scenario → Jeroen
  • Start Navigation → Maarten, Elbert
  • Start Verification → Mert, Stevie
  • If anyone is done, they can help extending navigation or verification

Week 3

  • Redefining focus
  • Background information landing and approach
  • Background information altitude meter
  • Controller drone

Week 4 (start test and experiment-phase)

  • Flying with drone and testing altitude meter
  • Starting approach experiment

Week 5 (test and experiment-phase)

  • Start autonomous landing implementing
  • Approach experiment

Week 6 (test and experiment-phase)

  • Autonomous landing implementing
  • Finishing approach experiment
  • Documentation

Week 7 (finishing test and experiment-phase)

  • Finishing practice + documentation
  • Final report

Week 8

  • Finishing Report

Final report

The report