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Secure Handling of Unsupervised Package Drop Off at Smarthome

Fadell, A.M.; Rogers, M.L.; Matsuoka, Y.; Sloo, D.; Honjo, S.; McGaraghan, S.A.; Plitkins, M.; Veron, M.; Guenette, I. (2017). Secure Handling of Unsupervised Package Drop Off at Smarthome. USA. https://encrypted.google.com/patents/US20150145643


This patent mostly discusses a smart home, with a quite broad scope. This summary will only discuss the relevant part for this project. For the delivery of goods by any agent, this paper suggests to make a system that recognizes the delivery agent with the package, and then lets this agent into a certain part of the house to drop off the parcel, while the agent doesn’t have access to any non-authorized rooms.