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  1. Opening
  2. Final Peer Review
  3. Evaluation Points
  4. Final Presentation
  5. How We Stand
  6. Task Division
  7. Closing


  1. Opening -This is our last official group meeting for this project!
  2. Final Peer Review - Comparing to the peer review from last week we concluded that although people did participate more and improve using the tips, the underlying distinguishments remain the same. End Scores can be seen on Peer Review Final:16-Oct-2014.
  3. Evaluation Points - We discussed the project and all its twists and turns. We concluded that we had a little bit of a rough start because we didn't really know what was expected of us, or what we wanted to do. Then, however, once it was figured out, we worked hard to complete our project. Ultimately, we all grew in technical and design knowledge and although wasted some time working our problems that we later dropped, we learned.
  4. Final Presentation - In the final presentation, we discussed starting with a scenario and the prime Air clip, then phasing into the problem definition and our solution and finishing off with USE aspects and things not considered and finally our process.
  5. How We Stand - We are almost done. Luc's rules and regs were missing some aspects about safety and responsibility which he will add; the scenarios are taking shape and Tim's Animations are AWESOME.
  6. Task Division
    Tim - Write the Project Evaluation section and Location section
    Karen - Finish up cost analysis and readable wiki
    Luc - Finish rules and regs and help create and present the powerpoint
    Frederique - finish scenarios and create and present powerpoint
  7. Closing - Decided to meet at 9:30 on Monday to take a quick presentation test